Bioassure : Your ace in the hole to kill biofilms and bacteria in drains

Approved by Health Canada
Destroys Biofilms & Superbugs
Fast & Easy to Use
Disinfects Surfaces Quickly

Clinically proven to reduce the risk of superbugs found in your facility’s sink drains

Every year, superbugs infect more than 20,000 hospital patients across Canada. They also imply major challenges for the food production industry. The culprits are biofilms which are found in drains that allow bacteria to bind to different types of surfaces and lead to numerous diseases and cross contamination issues.

In fact, superbugs are protected by biofilms making them highly resistant to traditional disinfection.

By integrating BIOASSURE as an essential part of your cleaning program for your healthcare facility or food-processing factory, you’re not only ensuring a high level of sanitation but also the safety of your patients, staff, and patrons.

Bolster your Sanitation Plan

Quickly destroy Biofilms and disinfect your surfaces

BIOASSURE is the first and only product available on the market approved by Health Canada. Thanks in part to its dual action capacity, this unique drain sanitation technology solution stands out from competing, non-approved products.

Fast and easy to use
Applies as a foam to prolong contact time on surfaces and in drains
Drains can be treated when a room is in use
Can be applied without any equipment
For optimal results, treat multiple drains using Sani Marc’s specially designed cart
Cleans and disinfects pipes and prevents unpleasant odours
Meets critical needs in healthcare facilities
Report on the Bioassure field study for drain treatment McGill University Health Centre
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